About This Blog

Howdy y'all! To get to what this blog is about first you must know a little about me. My name is Tyler Simpson and I am the owner of Rock Store Grill. I launched Rock Store Grill in April of 2017 with the help of my father and we are still going strong here in 2021 with the amazing support from our small community! We are fast approaching our 4 year anniversary which is absolutely crazy!

Now to get down to the nitty gritty of what this blog is all about. Over the past 4 years I have learned a lot from the food industry and I wanted to bring some of that expertise to you, my followers, by sharing the recipes, spices, sauces, quick lunch ideas, and general knowledge of the food industry. This is my small way of giving back to you guys for being so awesome over the last several years. Anything I can do to help you make meals for your family or friends by sharing a rad spice rub for that delicious rack of ribs for the next big game event, a scrumptious dipping cheese for the next party, the latest tool and gadget that has made my life easier in the kitchen would fill my heart joy. In my opinion food is the best way to bring family and friends together.

I hope y'all enjoy this little blog I'll be putting together. Everything I will be sharing in this blog has been or will be tested by me before sharing it with everyone so you can assure that it won't be a shot in the dark the next time you try one of my recipes or quick lunch ideas. Thank you all for the massive support over the years and stay tuned as we have big things coming for the restaurant in the near future!


-Tyler Simpson

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