What's Up With The Upside Down Bun?

We get a lot of questions on why we put our buns on the "wrong way" Well to tell you that first we have to take it back to where it all started...

It was a cold snowy day at the McCall Winter Festival on February 1st, 2020, the day was slow as most of the people had already vanished back to their vacation rentals for the day and the crew inside The Burger Trailer was bored and quite possibly a little under the influence. A local brewery was nearby serving up tasty growlers. We had sent one of the crew members up to that brewery several times that day for a refill so one could imagine how we were feeling as the day dragged on. As the time ticked by I wanted to experiment by slipping a patty in-between our grilled cheese. What better than a grilled cheese for a drunken snack? Now our grilled cheeses are built on buns that we have flipped upside down and squished to get a better sear on the grill. Why wouldn't a patty be delicious between an already delightful sandwich? After all this is America and we love our burgers and beer around here. I must say it was game changing for me and the crew inside the trailer that day.

When my teeth sank into that perfectly buttered up, grilled bun my eyes went wide with surprise. How could something so simple be so tasty? I'll tell you why. With a traditional bun, even a buttered up and grilled one it lacks one important thing in my opinion. The buttered up part isn't the first thing that hits your taste buds. The crunchy outside texture while albeit good lacks that flavor punch that I was looking for. With the upside down concept the first thing you sink your teeth into is the flavor rich portion of the bun elevating your tasting experience and heightening the rest of the sandwich. We have spent over a year crafting, testing, failing, to make this in way that is enjoyable to eat and doesn't just fall apart when you sink your teeth into it.

Now, I know this isn't something for everyone and we have had several comments raging against why we would do such an asinine thing to an American staple and we have had our own issues of making the burger stack right so nothing slides out. Also It probably won't become the next big staple in America but if we can make a few people laugh as well as satisfy your taste buds then its a win in our book. Plus we have found that it is attracting people left and right to try out this weird creation. Who knew a drunken creation would be so awesome? Not us that's for sure but we are certainly having fun in the process. Don't knock it until you try it! Could be a unique experience for you.

-Rock Store Grill

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